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FRONT PAGE NEWS: Producing Kilowatts and Kale

SCIENTISTS AT THE NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LABORATORY have been researching how we can grow vegetables underneath and in between rows of ground-mounted solar panels at solar-agriculture research sites like this one in Amherst, Mass. PHOTO BY JORDAN MACKNICK


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FRONT PAGE NEWS: Chocolate Never Goes Out of Season

ROBERTA’S CHOCOLATES IN EDGEWATER prepares for the holiday rush. “Nobody buys chocolate to make anybody mad. This is the happy, merry Christmas," says local chocolatier Roberta Poirier. PHOTO BY GWEN CLAYTON


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WEST METRO FIRE: Field Day Tests West Metro Recruits

WEST METRO FIRE ACADEMY RECRUITS put put their rescue and fire-fighting skills to the test on the grounds of West Metro’s Training Center during “Field Day.” PHOTO: WEST METRO FIRE.


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NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS: Volunteers Make Meals on Wheels Go Round – But Funding’s in Peril

Run for the last 43 years in the metro Denver area by Volunteers of America Colorado, the program is one of a nationwide network of 5,000 local community-run programs. CEO Ellie Hollander noted the primary source of federal funding would see a $3 million decrease from current levels.